Lincoln Horton Prevails in Jury Trial

Lincoln Horton prevailed on behalf of his client in a breach of contract matter in a recent jury trial in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. After deliberations, the jury awarded Mr. Horton’s client a verdict of $813,336.00. The jury also gave a defense verdict to Mr. Horton’s client on the other side’s counterclaim for 2.5 million dollars.

Law Is A Service Business

By Lincoln Horton

Law is a profession inhabited largely by smart, driven, competitive men and women.  Our firm's attorneys have all of those characteristics.  But what sets the lawyers at Horton Village Law Group apart from a lot of other lawyers is that we recognize, first and foremost, that law is a service business.  As a firm, we are here to provide great legal representation and advice to our clients, but in the end our task is always to serve the interests of the clients.  The practice of law is often complex and idiosyncratic, and the competitive desire to come up with the best arguments, or write the best brief, or handle the case the way the lawyer thinks best, sometimes, with some lawyers, causes the client's interests to take a back seat.  At our firm, we may be driving the bus across the legal highway, but we are listening to where our clients want to go, and if it is possible from a legal perspective, we will take them to their desired destination.