When we decided to open up our law firm, we knew we were going to be different.  We are a new kind of firm that utilizes the expertise gained from our big firm backgrounds, and then applies a personalized Village lawyer approach to representing clients.  We utilize every advantage available in the 21st Century to assist our clients, while maintaining the personal service model of a Village lawyer.  We represent companies and high net worth individuals from all over the world, but the integrated constant is our Village lawyer approach to collaboration, communication and personalized representation of each and every client.  One size does not fit all, and our clients come to us and stay with us because like us they value our personal, client and case specific approach.  


Communication and understanding are the keys to our successful relationships with our clients.  We strive to take complex legal issues and make them understandable.  We want our clients to understand the process, as well as what needs to be done to achieve the best outcome in a particular matter.



We blend zealous advocacy with common sense.  We neither oversell nor undersell to our clients.  We tell you how we see it from a legal perspective: good, bad or indifferent.  Whether negotiating the deal for your company that will ensure your grandchildrens' future, or representing you in bet-the-farm litigation, we always call it how we see it.  And our clients appreciate our candid approach.  You come to us for advice and representation, and we are going to give it to you straight.  That is the Village way.